Passionate About Your Child and Their Development

Tennis, Hockey, Cricket and More

What Makes Us Wow

Outcome driven

Helping children achieve sustainable results


Belief in themselves is essential

Love for sport

Enjoying the journey, not just the destination

What We Do

Grade R - 3 coaching at schools

We go out to the schools and coach your child in an environment that he or she is comfortable in.

Group lessons available

Although we offer lessons in a group, each child still gets the individual attention that they deserve to help them maintain a level of expertise.

Individual lessons available

We know each child has a unique talent and in individual lessons, we gauge in on that specific performance area and build upon their strengths and work on any issues that they might have.


Developing a high level of fitness is incremental in sports. While working with your child, we help them build upon their level of fitness with each lesson, guiding them to be the best that they can be.

Biokinetics and Kinderkinetics

Improving physical fitness and quality of life through individual assessment and exercise to enhance overall performance.

National and provincial tours

We offer a range of tours that highlight social, cultural and environmental elements.

Offering you the best in tennis, hockey, cricket and sports performance specialists

Who We Are

At Bollistic Sport Academy, we take pride in working closely with each child personally to bring the very best out in them. 

We work on their movement, helping them achieve the best of their natural born talent. We help them define their motor skills which will be beneficial to them throughout their education and a skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.

The Team

Our team philosophy

  • Coaches, players and parents are our most important asset;
  • We treat each other with dignity and respect and acknowledge each other’s unique skill sets and contributions to the team;
  • We support each other and behave as a team;
  • We deal with conflict promptly and fairly; and
  • We recognise and appropriately reward our team.


Take Action!

Children may develop the needed skills on their own and even compete at a high level, but without a mentor, they will rarely do so as they grow as people and fully realise where their potential lies.